AccA Frontend App for ACC

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  • Last Updated January 11, 2024

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The AccA Frontend App is designed to enhance your experience with ACC (Advanced Charging Controller). ACC is a powerful and customizable tool that puts you in control of how your device charges. With AccA, you can conveniently manage a wide range of charging options to optimize your device's battery performance.

ACC offers a plethora of features to suit your specific charging needs. Firstly, you can set limits on the charging percentage to prevent overcharging, ensuring your battery remains in optimal condition. Additionally, ACC allows you to automatically shut down your device when the battery reaches a critically low level, such as 5%, to protect the battery from complete drainage.

Another remarkable feature of ACC is its ability to monitor battery temperatures and take appropriate action. By adjusting charging speeds or implementing cooling measures, ACC ensures that your device's battery stays within safe temperature ranges, preventing potential damage or degradation.

With AccA, you can also schedule charging operations during the night, enabling you to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates or simply align with your preferred charging routine. Furthermore, if you prefer a slower charging pace to extend your battery's lifespan, ACC offers the option to gradually charge your device.

These features merely scratch the surface of what ACC and AccA can do. By utilizing the AccA Frontend App, you unlock the full potential of ACC, giving you complete control over your device's charging behavior. Download the AccA app now and experience a new level of customization and efficiency for your device's battery management. Click the button below to initiate the download: