Download Lite Version Kitsune (Magisk Delta)

  • Version 26.4 lite
  • File Size 12 MB
  • Last Updated January 31, 2024

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The Lite version of Kitsune draws inspiration from MagiskLite and excludes Zygisk support. In Magisk's whitelist mode, all applications are initially concealed, and only those verified in the su list are granted superuser permissions.

When using the whitelist mode, it's crucial to be discerning in selecting applications. Opt only for the main processes that require su access to avoid unnecessary impacts on performance. Monitor process startup and device installations through the log system, and refrain from allowing abnormal log system activities.

To ensure a streamlined experience, always enforce SuList mode. Notably, Zygisk functionality has been removed in this Lite version, and module functionality is not supported. Consequently, most modules are expected to disrupt the system.

These changes align with the updates synchronized with R65A24840-kitsune (26404), providing users with a more refined and secure experience. To access this Lite version, click the download button above.