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  • Version 2.12.0
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  • Last Updated January 11, 2024

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The microG Magisk module, a powerful tool that provides an alternative to Google Play Services on your Android device. By installing microG, you can enjoy the functionalities of popular apps without relying on Google's ecosystem. To initiate the download, simply click on the download button provided above.

microG is designed with privacy and open-source principles in mind. It offers a cleaner and more independent option for those concerned about their data privacy and who prefer open-source alternatives. By installing the microG Magisk module, you can take control of your Android experience and reduce your dependency on Google's proprietary software.

To begin the process, click the download button above to obtain the latest version of the microG Magisk module. Once the download is complete, you can proceed with the installation process, following the provided instructions, and enjoy the benefits of microG on your Android device. Experience a more privacy-focused and customizable Android environment while retaining compatibility with apps that rely on Google Play Services. Embrace the power of microG and unlock new possibilities for a personalized Android experience.