Download RAM Increaser Magisk Module

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  • Last Updated January 11, 2024

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The RAM Increaser Magisk Module is a simple and effective way to increase the amount of RAM available on your Android device. This can be helpful if you find that your device is running slowly or if you need to run more demanding apps.

The module works by creating a swap partition on your device's internal storage. This partition is used to store data that is not currently being used by the operating system or other apps. When the device runs low on RAM, it can use the data in the swap partition to free up memory for other tasks.

The RAM Increaser Magisk Module is compatible with devices running LineageOS 14 or above, as well as AOSP and other custom ROMs. To install the module, you will need to have Magisk installed on your device. Once Magisk is installed, you can download the RAM Increaser Magisk Module from above download button and follow the install instructions.