Knox Patch APK

  • Version 0.6.6
  • File Size 2.48 MB
  • Last Updated January 11, 2024

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Tripped Knox on your Samsung phone and lost access to crucial features like Auto Blocker, Galaxy Wearable, Samsung Cloud, Samsung Flow, Samsung Health, Samsung Health Monitor, Secure Folder, Secure Wi-Fi, Smart View, Private Share, Samsung Pass and Samsung Wallet (Pay)? Don't despair! Knox Patch APK offers a unique solution - it bypasses Knox restrictions without actually unrooting your device. Think of it as unlocking hidden potential within your existing root access.

This ingenious APK works its magic by patching system APIs on-the-fly, seamlessly fooling Samsung apps into thinking Knox is intact. Regain full access to your favorite Samsung functionalities while retaining the freedom and customization perks of a rooted phone. It's the best of both worlds!

Note check here full guide how to use: Magisk Knox Patch: Fixing Samsung Knox After Rooting